Mobile Marketing

There is a lot of talk in Des Moines about mobile marketing and the huge impact it can have on a company. Unfortunately, many Des Moines companies dive into mobile marketing because they do not want to be left behind or because it is the new thing. These are not good reasons to begin a mobile marketing plan. Mobile marketing should be just one, intentional tool in an overall marketing plan.

That being said, mobile marketing is critical in order to capture a company’s target audience. Marketers can no longer just run local Internet ads, print ads in the local newspaper, or create a telemarketing campaign to stay afloat. A few mobile marketing tools in Des Moines include:

  • Text messaging/SMS programs
  • QR codes
  • Push notifications
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile websites

Successful companies use an effective combination of these tactics to stand out in the mobile marketing world. Most partner with expert developers to help them reach their goals. Have a trusted partner that has much experience and knowledge in mobile marketing.

This site was created by Engage Mobile Solutions. We are a mobile app strategy, development, and marketing company that is dedicated to helping our Des Moines clients reach their goals. Check us out at


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