Mobile Strategy

A Des Moines company’s mobile strategy is the road map it will use to direct all mobile planning. This includes design, development, and marketing.

Developing a mobile strategy takes time. If a company rushes to build an app before the strategy is fully in place, that product will not be as successful as it could be.


Consider these points when developing a mobile strategy:

  • Goals with the product
  • Target market
  • Expectations regarding user engagement
  • Problem being solved for the market
  • What the competition is doing
  • Competitive apps or mobile websites on the market
  • How mobile can uniquely solve the problem
  • The revenue model
  • Barriers to entry
  • How to penetrate the market
  • How to market the product
  • How to sell the product

An important part to a successful mobile app is finding a company that has the experience in the mobile and business world necessary to help fine-tune a company’s strategy. The developer should be able to address the above points.

This site was created by Engage Mobile Solutions. We are a mobile app strategy, development, and marketing company that is dedicated to helping our Des Moines clients reach their goals. Check us out at


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